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Cairo Home of the Pyramids The Great Pyramid at Giza is one of the original Seven Ancient Wonders of the World so any tour of the antiquities would not be complete without a visit to Cairo. Indeed Egypt is synonymous with The Pyramids of Giza and King Tutankhamen. Cairo is not only home of the Pyramids but also the spectacular Gold Mask of the king, the centre piece of an exhibition of the treasures of the comparatively recent discovered tomb of King Tutankhamen all housed at the iconic Egyptian Museum in centre of Cairo.
The adventure doesn't end with the Pyramids, Cairo has so much more to offer visitors. The magnificent Citadel with the Mohamed Ali Mosque dominate the landscape to the north and is a must see addition to your visit. Should you be in Cairo for the evening too, a trip to the heart of the city and Khan-El-Khalili bazaar is an experience to immerse yourself in. The narrow souk alleys, local cafes and the historical buildings are absorbing. Take a seat in a coffee shop and watch this fascinating world pass you by.
TRAVEL TIP: Cairo is the main hub for EgyptAir flights from around the globe. There are regular Egypt Air internal flights to Aswan, Luxor and Hurghada. Start your tour with a day or so in Cairo before heading to your next destination. On the way out you can check in your bags and fly from these destination with a quick same terminal transfer in Cairo. The alternative can mean collecting bags and changing terminals.
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